Whether you know what Carvana is or not, there are so many benefits that differentiate them from what people typically associate with car buying. We sought to shine a light on what helps Carvana provide the best customer service that’s ever been. In this campaign, each of the benefits and features of Carvana where broken into focused spots that are told from the multiple points of view to aid in building to reasons why Carvana is the best way to buy a car.

We had very tangible business objectives for the points in the scripts, and we developed each moment as a unique scene so that it acted as a punctuation mark, while at the same time keeping visual consistency across each spot. Creating a CG photo booth and vehicles enabled us maximum creative flexibility with the camera moves, and allowed other elements to occupy the space to enhance visual storytelling. Large chunky, 3D type in a colored environment emphasized critical points of the script, and visual metaphors throughout added humor and a fun graphic element to the spots.
Creative | Design | Direction
Ranger & Fox
Patrick Latourneau, Simon Fiedler
Design & Animation
James Ramirez
Live Action
Music | Sound
Beacon Street Studios
Mike Pethel (Beach House Color)