This one's a bit of a heartbreaker, because I loved how it turned out, but due to politics beyond our control, it has been put on hold indefinitely. For the sake of showing the piece, we populated it with random names under the guise of an award show for the video game industry. Despite the outcome, it was truly one of the funnest collaborative efforts I've ever had. I'll describe the process as much as I can without disclosing the origins. I co-art directed the piece with Brett Morris, and was responsible for design, editing, and 2D animation. 

We only had three weeks to create the entire package, from conception to delivery. Brett and I came up with the concept of an abstract orb existing in a desolate environment that would receive inputs, sparking a reaction that sends the orb into different states, ultimately turning into the logo. We sketched out some quick ideas of cool shots and figured out what the different states could be based on different categories.

We had three days to knock out a full pitch, so while I started developing the typography, Brett got right into 3D, developing the orb and the different states, coming up with ideas on the fly for whatever we hadn't sketched up yet, which was most of it haha. He would work his 3D magic, come up with cool camera angle, render a frame in Octane, then pass it over to me. I would take them into Photoshop and experiment with different treatments and croppings, layering graphic elements, type, texture and color correction on top. After much experimenting, I came up with this frame..
..and we both immediately knew that was the direction we wanted to go in graphically. The rest of the frames just started flowing out after that point.
Studio: Capacity
Client: - - -
Creative Director: Ellerey Gave
Art Direction/Design: Brett Morris, Stephen Panicara
3D Animation: Brett Morris
2D Animation: Stephen Panicara
Editing: Stephen Panicara
Sound Design: Echolab