ESL approached Capacity to create a graphics package for the 2016 Call of Duty World League competitions. We wanted to stay true to the COD Black Ops III brand, but give it a personality of its own that would live on beyond the current season. By using minimal, stylized 3D within a dark graphic environment and bold, flat typography, we came up with a package that’s a hybrid of epic sports graphics and the grungy digital world of Call of Duty. It was also great to see the package turned into physical set designs for the live shows. Thanks to our friends at ESL for the fun process. 
I designed the look and feel of the package, creating a styleframe for every one of the elements involved before we went into production. I then animated a few of the elements, like the lower third and the player card, to establish our animation style. Once that was approved, Melissa Oakley came on board and together we animated all of the elements but the opening sequence. Ellerey Gave, Brett Morris, Mitsuka Thiem and Kenny Lutz did the heavy lifting with opening sequence, completing all of the 3D shots. Ellerey and I animated the UI elements in the open, like the 3D globe at the beginning. I also added in some UI elements to the rest of the shots to tie it all together.
Studio: Capacity
Creative Director: Ellerey Gave
Art Direction: Stephen Panicara
Design: Stephen Panicara, Ellerey Gave
Edit-Opening Sequence: Ellerey Gave
3D Modelling: Mitsuka Thiem, Brett Morris
3D Animation: Brett Morris, Mitsuka Thiem, Stephen Panicara
2D Animation: Stephen Panicara, Melissa Oakley
Music/Sound Design: Echolab