We were tasked with creating a graphics package for the EA’s first-ever esports FIFA World Championships. We partnered with Zed Ink, who worked closely with EA during the process and who handled all of the live graphics. The challenge was creating something fun and unique that we could hang our hats on while staying within the established FIFA 17 brand guidelines. We went with a primarily flat, graphic approach which allowed us to lean heavily on the animation to make everything feel energetic and sporty. We also sprinkled in some hero 3D moments, which helped to add another layer of polish and further differentiated it from the in-game graphics.
Client: EA
Agency: Zed Ink
Studio: Capacity
Creative Director: Benji Thiem
Art Director: Stephen Panicara
Design: Stephen Panicara
2D Animation: Stephen Panicara, Mitsuka Thiem
3D Modelling: Mitsuka Thiem
3D Animation: Stephen Panicara
Sound Design/Music: Echolab
Montage Edit: Stephen Panicara
Montage Music: ‘Run Boy Run’ by Woodkid