AMC needed opening titles and a show package for their new arm wrestling reality show 'Game of Arms.' It sounds like a ridiculous concept, but it was actually a pretty great show. After many iterations, they chose a custom logo that I created which was inspired by biker gang logos and tattoo typography. With the show package, we wanted to capture the rawness and grittiness of the underground world of competitive arm wrestling. We got to work directly with the shows producers and had access to hours of awesome footage, some of it coming in days after they filmed it. I cut it down into an edit, then added our treatement to it for the open and different elements in the package. Abi Fairfax developed the typography in her styleframes that we used through the package. A custom track from Dave Hummel pulled everything together :)
They ended up liking something about each of the concepts we pitched, so the end result turned out to be a combo, picking certain elements from each and turning them into a cohesive package.

Studio: Capacity
Client: AMC, Undertow Films
Creative Director: Ellerey Gave
Music: Dave Hummel
Design: Stephen Panicara, Abi Fairfax
Editing: Stephen Panicara
Animation: Stephen Panicara, Brett Morris, Abi Fairfax