Incomm asked us to create a video that showcased their companies history, along with other milestones in the industry in general. Ellerey Gave and Brett Morris were involved in the early conception and thought it would be cool to create a little world that grew and populated as we moved down it. We start off in a blueprint on paper stage in the early years of the industry, then once Incomm is introduced, the physical world starts to pop up and come alive.
I was brought in for the early design stages and, along with Brett, saw the project through to completion. I was kind of a city planner, creating the maps and layouts that would shape our little world. We thought it would be cool to build it all based on a rigid grid of horizontal, vertical and 45 degree lines, so that everything connected like a network. It was a lot of fun thinking of ways that we could illustrate each of the milestones. We played around with animation, color usage, and messing with proportions to show all of these events take place as the camera moved down the timeline.
Once the maps were locked, Brett worked his 3D magic and created different systems that generated our world based on those map files. He also created an awesome building rig that allowed us to create a library of buildings quickly and easily.  I animated all of the cameras and put together the edit. Mitsuka Thiem and Kenny Lutz modelled most of the custom 3D elements. Brett, Mitsuka, Kenny and I all tag-teamed the custom 3D animation moments of each year (the car and network animation was automated based on the systems Brett created). I took on all of the 2D animation that occurs on the ground, using After Effects to animate and composite into the 3D render. Brett did the whole globe animation at the end of the piece. A custom music track from Dave Hummel and sound design by Echolab pulled everything together.
These were the maps I designed that guided our process:
Studio: Capacity
Client: Incomm
Creative Director: Ellerey Gave
Art Director: Stephen Panicara, Brett Morris
Technical Director: Brett Morris
Design: Stephen Panicara, Brett Morris
3D Modelling: Mitsuka Thiem, Brett Morris, Kenny Lutz, Conor Scully, Stephen Panicara
3D Animation: Brett Morris, Mitsuka Thiem, Kenny Lutz, Conor Scully, Stephen Panicara
2D Animation: Stephen Panicara
Edit: Stephen Panicara
Compositing: Brett Morris
Music: Dave Hummel
Sound Design: Echolab