To say our inner 8-year-old was bouncing off the walls at the idea of working on the new BumbleBee film would be a gross understatement. Our good friends at Paramount Pictures brought us along for a ride with Bee that we won't be forgetting anytime soon. We were asked to come up with creative ideas to integrate Hailee Steinfeld’s performance and epic ‘Bumblebee’ trailer footage as an exciting and unique way to introduce Hailee’s performance on ‘The Voice.’ Our goal was to develop an innovative approach that would speak to a new audience who was being introduced to the Gen-1 Transformer design for the first time.

We wanted to take the viewer on a journey from shot-to-shot around uniquely different compositions of close-ups of Bumblebee in this cinematically inspired pseudo title sequence. This idea relied on access to use the real BumbleBee 3D model from ILM, and to our delight, it was greenlit, and we had the privilege to work with the most impressive asset we’ve encountered. Through exploring in composition, lighting, and camera, we designed a sequence of shots that reveal our hero, shot-by-shot until the climatic ending of our beloved BumbleBee.
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