I had the awesome opportunity to collaborate on one of the 2016 Pausefest motion responses with Brett Morris. The whole process was so creatively fulfilling, Brett and I just tried to make something that we both loved and thought looked awesome. Brett's a rare breed of sheer technical mastery and deep creativity, it was always fun seeing the craziness that he was coming up with. Patrick Goski's modelling abilities have me in absolute awe, and Zelig Sound killed it with the music and sound design.

To start it off, Brett and I had a few conversations, looked over some reference and eventually landed on a main concept: "We're often faced with so many decisions, decisions that can have little effect or be so monumental that they become life altering. Uncertainty and restraint hold us back while boldness can push us to places we never thought possible. Ideas are challenged, adversity will be faced and the end result not always predictable. Discovering your future self is a journey all about finding the beauty on that unpredictable path." Once we had that to pull from, Brett put together some styleframes that established the design direction, and I added to the language with some styleframes of my own. I then put together an edit which we then proceeded to build upon. Brett figured out all of the 3D components in the piece, which considering what we had put together for the styleframes was no small feat at all. While he did that, I created a custom typeface based on the poem that he had chosen for the piece. I then went on to animate the typography and the graphic 2D elements. Some of the best moments were when we would look at what each of us had on our screens and just riff off one another, coming up with different ideas and directions. It's cool when everyone involved is really excited about the project and how it's turning out. I'm really proud to have been a part of it.

Words by Kenji Miyazawa.

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