Star Sports is the ESPN of India, and we at Capacity got the honor of rebranding their network. I was heavily involved in creating the look and feel of the on-air brand, and worked with Brett Morris to develop the animation style of the swoosh and how it interacted with the logo. The first element I made was the logo sting and it set the tone for the rest of the package. I was responsible for a lot of the fully graphic elements, but it was amazing to see how the other guys integrated the swoosh with the live-action shots for the promos. 
This was a true collaborative effort that spanned all over the globe. London based venturethree established brand guidelines, the super talented bunch over at BEMO in LA worked with us for the live-action shoot, animation, and compositing, and Dublin based Echolab did the sound design.
Studio: Capacity
Client: Star Sports
Sound Design: Echolab
Creative Director: Ellerey Gave
Design: Stephen Panicara
Animation: Stephen Panicara, Brett Morris, the BEMO team