The Green Bay Packers approached Capacity to do the show package for two of their news shows, 'Total Packers' and 'Packers Today.' The former needed to capture the history and authenticity of the team, and the latter needed to feel more energetic and contemporary.
I created the edit for both of the opens, and created styleframes using 3D elements created by Conor Scully (who modeled almost the entire piece), Kenny Lutz (who worked his texture magic on most of these), Jonathan Larson, and Benji Theim. I also worked out the logo type. Brett Morris stepped in once we started production to make sure the texture quality in the styleframes translated through to the final animation. During production, I helped to art direct the piece and, along with Benji Thiem, composited shots in the final edit.
Studio: Capacity
Client: Green Bay Packers
Creative Director: Ellerey Gave
Art Director/Designer: Jonathan Larson, Stephen Panicara
3D Modelling + Texture: Conor Scully, Kenny Lutz, Mitsuka Theim, Brett Morris, Jonathan Larson, Benji Theim, Stephen Panicara
Editing: Stephen Panicara
Compositing: Benji Theim, Brett Morris, Stephen Panicara